1. Waiver and Liability I understand there are risks associated with having artificial lashes applied to and/or removed from my existing eyelashes, and that the utmost of care in the application or removal of lashes which include and without limitation to eye irritation, eye pain, discomfort, and in rare cases, blindness when improperly handled. As part of this procedure, I understand that a certain amount of eyelash glue will be used to attach the artificial eye lash extensions to my existing lashes. Although the technician may apply or remove my lashes properly and I also understand that glue may become dislodged during or after the procedure, which may irritate my eyes or require further follow-up care, at my own expense to prevent damage to my eyes. I also understand there is more than one technique for applying Johnny’s Lashes since we provide a variety of styles and that I will not attribute any liability to Technicians or the Company form any of all claims, actions, expenses, damages and liabilities, including reasonable attorney’s fees as result of any procedures perform, or purchase of any product. By signing this document you are waiving the right to any claims against the technician and the Company. As used in this agreement the terms for ‘technicians” or employees and “Johnny’s Lashes” include all respective owners of which company you are getting services from.

2. Permission to Use Pictures. I hereby give Johnny’s Lashes Inc. the full right to take, publish and reproduce photographs of me, my face, my eyes and/or eyelashes , both before and after procedure, for any advertising purpose.

3. Care and Maintenance: I agree to follow the care and maintenance instructions provided by Johnny’s Lashes and/or technician for the use and care of my Lashes and that if any follow up care is required due to my own mistake or negligence, or failure to follow the instructions this will be at my own risk. I understand that if I do any of that following, it may result in damage to my Lashes or may cause my lashes to fall off prematurely. Knowing this I agree to follow these tips for best results. I will avoid oil based eye products as these will loosen the bond of my Lashes. I will avoid getting my lashes wet within the first 24 hours after my application. Please note we offer Sealer to protect lashes from separating. For the first 24 hours try to avoid swimming, saunas or steam rooms. If I experience any itching or irritation, I agree to contact the company to see what location is closer to accommodate myself to be seen as soon as possible to have the lash extensions removed. I agree to avoid using waterproof mascara or any other mascara and not to use any eyelash curler, perm, or tint my lashes. I agree to not pick, pull or rub my Lashes. I understand that I should not attempt to remove my lash extensions on my own or with any products not provided by Johnny’s Lashes Inc. This procedure requires that my eyelash extensions be professionally removed with a gel remover for eyelash extensions. I understand that the natural lash cycle is six to ninety days. When one lash falls out, there is another lash growing in I, therefore, understand that I will need regular fills or fixes (every week to two weeks) to keep my lashes looking beautiful. If you come back after three weeks for a fill or fix your lashes may not be able to get fixed as they will be too grown out. I understand that variables, including the natural lash cycle and customer care, will influence the longevity of eyelash extensions.

4. Services. We offer Clusters including (synthetic, human, silk and mink) over 30 styles that are a combination of clusters & volume lashes. We also offer a variety of glues; it is your responsibility to choose the one you think is best for you. Mink volume lashes are also available in 3 different styles (1, 2 & 3 hairs in 1). Please note individual 1 by 1 lashes are not available at our locations. Weave in technique is patented by Johnny’s Lashes and only available at our locations.

5. Warranty. We offer 4 days from the date of your new set or 3 days from the date of your fill or fix. You can get a onetime fix/fill at no extra charge if 50% or more of lashes are remaining. 50% or less remaining lashes would be a new full set. Please note that full sets will not be covered under policy, however you can get a discount as long you are within 10 Days of services provided to you as long as you show proof of your receipt. (Cash reward card if paid with cash or text receipt if paid with credit card) Please note we do not keep record in the computer and the consent you sign for services provided to you is not considered a proof of receipt. We have a NO REFUND policy, by signing this you are agreeing to our no refund policy. If the eyelash extensions are not what you expected, we will gladly offer a discount towards a new set. If an allergic reaction or eye irritation occurs removal of eyelash extensions will be free of charge, otherwise you agree to pay a removal fee. Please note if you are currently receiving chemotherapy you may need to return for more sessions than normal, therefore we are unable to warranty the eyelash extensions.

6. No Known Medical Conditions: I acknowledge that I have been advised of the potential harmful or negative side effects (such as premature shedding of my eyelash) that the as extension procedure or removal may cause to those who have specific medical or skin conditions. I understand that the adhesives and adhesive remover are a skin, eye and mucus membrane irritant and that in rare cases a person may be allergic or have hypersensitivity to the lashes or materials (synthetics, silk, human, and mink). Also keep in mind that the glue may cause irritation depending if you are taking certain medication. I understand the procedure requires that I lay still for up to 45 minutes or longer depending on the design that I choose with my eyes shut, and that If I wear contacts, I must remove my contacts lenses for the duration of the lashes extension application or removal. I further state that I have no known medical condition that might be aggravated by the procedure or any medical condition that would prevent me from complying with these instructions or these warnings.

7. Cash Cards & Gift Cards: These cards have no cash value, they can only be redeemed. Once you have earned *CASH CARD rewards are only available to mobile application users. 10 stamps you may redeem for $25.00 or 5 stamps 5 stamps may be redeemed for $12.00
Please note that when a gift card is redeemed cash stamps can’t be applied.
Discounts & Promotions can’t be combined.

8. Appointments: Scheduled appointments require a 4-hour notice of cancellation in advance. Failure to comply can be subject to a $15.00 no show or cancellation fee. If any action is brought to enforce the terms of this agreement, the prevailing party (client) shall been entitled to it’s costs and attorney fees. This agreement will remain in effect for this procedure and all future procedures performed by any technician working at this facility. We reserve the right to refuse our services to anyone. By completing and signing this electronic agreement, I (client) agree to all terms and conditions of service and waive all the rights to sue this salon or technician. You agree this waiver applies to this service, and any future service provided.